Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay duties when I am moving to Suriname?

    U might receive a (partly) exemption if you have required                        documents for an exemption. The documents u need are;

  •  A registration certificate, issued by the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (C.B.B.). You will need proof of your old place of residence for this.
  • A residence permit issued by the Ministry of Justice and Police
  • Your passport with stamps of registration.

For more information regarding international relocations, please check out section international relocation


2. Do you offer door to door services?

    Yes, N.V. Eklipze Logistics can offer you/ your company door to              door services. The type of service depends on the customer his/her          desire.


For more information, please send us as an e-mail or request a quote.


3. Which documents do I need  for an import to Suriname?

   In order to take care of the customs clearance for your imported             products, we need the     following information:

   • An inventory list of the goods

   • An original invoice

   • A value statement

   • Import / Export number

   • Tax fixed number

   • Chamber of commerce number (Kamer van Koophandel en                    Fabrieken)

   • An authorization letter on your letterhead with a stamp for custom       clearance


4. Can I choose my own custom broker if cargo is being handled by

    NV Eklipze Logistics?

     Ofcourse! You are completely free in choosing your custom broker.

     We do offer this service and can advise you what would be wise to            have as least as possible costs.


5. Are there costs associated with requesting a quote ?

    No, not at all! All quotations are FREE OF CHARGE.


6. Do you offer expedited services(freight forwarding services)?

    Yes, N.V. Eklipze Logistics a freight forwarders in Suriname. We            offer transport via land, ocean and air. We also offer project cargo          transport and cargo management. For more information about our        packages, please contact us.