Relocating with a vehicle, sending one or purchased one abroad? 

Clearing a motor vehicle varies a bit from the standard clearance procedure.



What do we need for the import of a vehicle?

• Valuation of the motor vehicle or invoice for new motor vehicles

• License plate of the car 

• Insurance certificate of the car

• Copy of your passport

• Copy of your driving license

• An authorization letter for custom clearance


Passenger cars and motorcycles that are older than 5 years may not be imported into Suriname. There is an import ban for buses if they are older than 8 years. If you still want to import a vehicle that is older than 5 years, you must request an exemption from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. However, the vehicle may not be shipped before an exemption has been obtained.


Custom duties are always levied for any type of motor vehicle. Even if the motor vehicle belongs to a relocation, no exemption from import duties is granted. If the car belongs to someone with a diplomatic status, he or she will receive an exemption from import duties.

The import duties on a motor vehicle with a maximum C.I.F. (C.I.F. value: Cost, Insurance, Freight = price including insurance and freight) value of US $ 25,000 are between 40 - 55% over this value. At a higher C.I.F. value, the import duties on a motor vehicle can increase up to 95%. 




Depending on the law and regulation at the port of arrival exporting a motor vehicle is stated as optional. If exporting is optional we need the hereunder mentioned documents to finalize the custom clearance:

• Declaration of value of the motor vehicle

• License plate of the car 

• Insurance certificate of the car

• Copy of your passport

• Authorization for the preparation of export documents

• Liability statement


Two weeks before loading of the container or the vehicle on the vessel, we make an appointment with the customs department for the visitation of the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle must immediately be pushed into the container or on to the vessel. After each inspection, the container is sealed by the customs investigation department.


**Before you export your motor vehicle, we kindly advise you to contact the customs authorities of the destination country or contact our custom clearance clerk. Each country has its own customs regulations for importing a car.